Monday, April 9, 2012

A Week in the Forge

Day 50

The shop work this week has primarily been directly converting blooms to bars / plates.
As a fast overview of what was accomplished:

Tuesday April 3
# 15 - Smeltfest 2006 Smelt A, hematite in medium shaft furnace
Small fragment @ 559 gm
Part way through the welding process

Finished bar @360 gm
Spark test shows mid carbon content

Tuesday April 3
#49 - Slag Pit 2 - taconite in short shaft with slag pit
Continue work from March 7

Bloom pieces @ 432 and spring steel core (total 590 gm)

Welded billet ready to forge to blade

Wednesday April 4
# 30 - Smeltfest 2008, DD1 in medium shaft with blow plate
Lacy section @ 625 gm

After compression under press

Finished bar @ 393 gm

Thursday April 5
#16 - Smeltfest 2006 Smelt B, hematite in medium shaft
Main bloom @ 1770
Bloom at preheat stage

Larger plate cut to remove fractured half (@463 gm)

At the third weld stage
Finished bar @ 357 gm

Friday April 6
Completion of object started March 29 (polishing & finishing)
This object is a gift, so details to come later.

Saturday April 7
#8 - Smeltfest 2005, Lexington in Econo-Norse
Section of full bloom (included cutting) @1426 gm

After compression steps on press

forged to 1/4 inch thick plate

Other project work:

Monday April 2
Finished repairing / installing engine exhaust system for hydraulic press

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Blog posts.

(Of course there is the normal daily 'shop office' work of accounts, clean up, communications.)

Just in case you were wondering what I've been doing.
Half of Sunday was taken up with a customer consult on a project for later spring.

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