Saturday, April 7, 2012

Listening to the expert

If there is one name you will see over and over here, its Lee Sauder.

Lee, working with his smelt partner Skip Williams is most certainly the single most experienced bloomery iron worker in North America. I'd lay money he's the best counting the Europeans too. He is one of the other core driving members of the recent 'Early Iron' movement. There is no doubt that had I never met him, I would have given up on my own efforts to understand Norse iron smelting years ago.

Bearing in mind yesterdays long description of a working series with a bloom (and what went wrong) here is a link to what Lee has written as advise on the process :

Sauder's Bloom Forging Hints

If any readers wish to ease into working with bloomery iron, but are uncertain about plunging right into furnace construction (and the uncertainties of iron smelting), Lee also sells partial bloom sections and worked up bars :

Bloom Iron Sales

Home Grown, Organic, Free Range Iron Fresh from the Furnace!

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