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Papers, Publishing & Research Sources

Day 72

If judged by the budget included with my OAC Project proposal, the last actual 'grant day' would have been 43 days ending April 26. I decided to extend the project work to cover two last major elements. One was the iron smelt covered in the last couple of posts here. The second was an academic paper to be delivered at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo Michigan. The conference ran from May 9 - 13, with my specific paper to be presented Thursday May 10.

I've referenced the paper itself in an earlier posting here. I had given a first draft version at Forward Into the Past at Laurier University on March 31. Obviously I consider the various public presentations of both research and practical method, plus ongoing communications like this blog an esencial part of the entire Bloom to Bar project.

The revised text of my paper 'An Iron Smelt in Vinland' will be eventually be published. Session organizers Ken Mondschein and Michael Cramer are working with Freelance Academy Press to collect a number of papers from the past 'If Those Bones Could Talk' sessions into a volume. 

Not to get too (!) side tracked, what I wanted to detail here was some other excellent reference sources for those seriously interested in bloomery iron smelting.

Method :

A Practical Treatise on the Smelting and Smithing of Bloomery Iron
Lee Sauder & Skip Williams
Historical Metallurgy, vol. 36 (2). 2002
A version will be available by hunting around on Lee's Iron Smelting site
If You Don't Get any IRON...
Darrell Markewitz
EXARC. vol. 2012-1
Available on line (with subscription)

Remember there are some links to instructional methods to your top right!

References :

Iron in Archaeology - The European Bloomery Smelters
Radomir Pleiner
David Brown Books in the US is currently contacting the original publisher to see if they can acquire some copies of this volume. They are also attempting to get some of Pleiner's 'Iron in Archaeology, Early European Blacksmiths / 808612462-2'

Prehistoric & Medieval Direct Iron Smelting in Scandinavia and Europe 
Lars Christian Norbach
13 9788772887746
Available from ISD Distributing
The book costs $60 plus shipping

Iron and Steel in Ancient Times
Vagn F. Buchwald
Available from the Danish Royal Academy
The book costs 60, 56 Euros plus 21,4 Euros (to Canada).
Contact Katrine Hassenkam Zoref

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